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Folding storage stool is a very comfortable piece of furniture to sit, hold objects, or transport it. This is the "new face" in the market. Possibilities of using it are virtually endless. According to survey responses, people would buy this product to:


  • children's room as a furniture to sit at table games, pack toys, books and other items. Stools can be as educational material - eg. "Let us have an orderly room" or "I live in an orderly”;
  • living room, to hold newspapers, magazines, CDs and DVDs, documents and other items. 4 stools can make a stylish coffee table (for example 3 black stools, and 1 red);
  • bedroom instead of a simple bedside to bed. It can serve as the cabinet held a variety of items. It can sit on to the cosmetic table, etc.;
  • in the bath it can be used as a laundry bin or storage of clean towels, household chemistry. It is not afraid of water because it is made of 5mm MDF boards.
  • in the corridor to sit on, to held shoe brush, shoe polish, shoes;
  • in a travel, is easily transported and transformed piece of furniture. Going to resort it will not occupy a lot of space and can be used anywhere in the room;
  • this is invaluable piece of furniture for students to study at home or traveling to other cities;
  • public facilities, such as kindergartens or primary schools. Children can hold they articles and tools, can sit on it (keep up to 160 kg weight).


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These new designs Cube shelves will enliven any room interior, and helps to  create a customized environment for your home. They can be hung on the wall, or stand on a desk or floor. Wide selection of colors, sizes and design solutions will allow for easy adaptation of these shelves to the other interior elements. This will create an entirely new and interesting items for storage space. Shelves are made from MDF, so they are resistant to moisture. They are easy to hang on walls according to Your wishes.